Arya Sukta Mix Berry Juice 1 Ltr.
Arya Sukta Mix Berry Juice 1 Ltr.

Arya Sukta Mix Berry Juice 1 Ltr.

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Product Code: Arya Sukta Mixed Berry Juice 1 Ltr.
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Product Description

Ingredients: Pyrus malus Swaras, Mangifera indica, Pyrus malus Concentrate, Ananas comosus, Hippophae salicifolia, Emblica officinalis.

Other Excipients: Strawberry fruit pulp,  litchi Juice, Blueberry Extract, Acaiberry Extract, Xanthungum, Citric acid as acidity regulator, Aqua base

Dosage:  20-30 ml with lukewarm or fresh water Twice or Thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Ingredient Benefits;


Gooseberry Amla, also known as “Indian gooseberry”, is loaded with nutrients and is the richest natural source of vitamin C. It is widely used for many health problems. Regular use of Amla also boosts immunity. According to Ayurveda, Amla is one of the best Rasayanic tonics that helps to brighten the skin, purify the blood, and improve eyesight. Amla is a powerhouse of Vitamin C which is a natural antioxidant and it is an immunity booster. Amla aids in digestion, Amla is good for the skin and hair, Amla is beneficial in weight loss, Amla is good for people suffering from hypertension and diabetes. It regulates blood pressure and diabetes. 

Seabuckthorn Berry

The tracing of seabuckthorn can take us to 2400 years back. Ancient greek Scholar, Theophrastus (372-287) also considered as father of botany, mentions about medical uses of Seabuckthorn in his text Historia Planarum. Mangol ruler Ghengis khan use seabuckthorn to increase stamina of his army. It is also used to feed war horses.


 a) Seabuckthorn berry reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Flavonoids in seabuckthorn are known to regulate blood pressure, treat heart diseases, improve heart function and reduce stress on heart tissue.

 b) Rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, it reduces headache, dizziness and increases mental attention. Sea buckthorn juice is good for people recovering from dementia.

 c) Seabuckthorn helps build, restore and improve immune function. Flavonoids and bioactive ingredients in seabuckthorn have properties to regulate secretion of digestive enzymes, remove toxic substance from body through anti-oxidant effect and other benefits.

d) Seabuckthorn reduces LPO by decreasing the free radical formation, increasing antioxidant and associated enzymes content with significant lowering in blood glucose level.

 e) Omega 7 fatty acids in seabuckthorn are considered helpful fatty acids which signals body for stopping fat storage.


 Strawberry is a sweet, sour and deep red colored fruit. It is a good source of vitamin C, phosphorus and iron. Strawberry boosts immunity and helps fight various infections and diseases. It promotes heart health and helps reduce high cholesterol due to its antioxidant property.


 a) Strawberry helps correct constipation due to its Vata balancing and Rechana (laxative) properties.

 b) Strawberry helps in controlling high cholesterol because of its Ama reducing property. It also helps to remove blockage from the blood vessels by eliminating toxins.

c) It increases urine production and facilitates the elimination of excess uric acid.

d) Regular intake of Strawberries could lower blood pressure. This is due to its high potassium content and Mutral (diuretic) effect. It increases urine production and removes excess fluid from the body. This helps control high blood pressure.  

Acai Berry

 Acai berries are the fruit of the acai palm tree, scientifically designated as Euterpe oleracea and belonging to the Arecaceae i.e. palm botanical family. Native to the Amazon rainforests of South America, acai berries are widely grown around the world.


 a) Boost immunity System: Consuming a small portion of acai berries will satisfy the daily vitamin C requirement in healthy adults. Vitamin C not only functions in enhancing iron absorption for enhanced blood circulation.

 b) Maintains Heart Health: Being intrinsically high in potassium levels, acai berry assists in the maintenance of normal blood pressure. It also functions in promoting cardiac muscle activity, lowers the amounts of bad LDL cholesterol and raises levels of good HDL cholesterol.

 c) Acai berry comprises valuable dietary fibers which ensure proper bowel movement upon ingestion of heavy meals. This is crucial to regulate kidney function and filter out all the toxic waste products upon digestion of food and assimilation of required nutrients. It also efficiently relieves intestinal conditions like constipation and indigestion.

 d) The calcium present in acai berries is absorbed by bones in the body, thereby helping to maintain optimal bone density for day-to-day functions and flexible, unobstructed movement. 



a) Reduces risk of Heart Diseases.

b) Helps boost brain function.

c) Lowers risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

d) Maintain Healthy and strong bones.

e) Improve your mood, helps in curing from depression

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