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Physical Digital way of shopping


Background of the concept:


Technology innovation has enabled preposterous changes in the human behavior. In the mid 90’s, access to the Internet changed the way people desired and consumed. Whoever has created breakthrough businesses had one thing in common; they could see what others couldn’t.  When Computers were not heard of, Bill Gates could see the day when every table in every office having a computer and saw the possibility of an operating system which would operate these computers.  ‘If I had just listened to the customers’ needs I would have come out with a faster horse cart,’ stated Henry Ford who started the automobile revolution in the world.  Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon etc, which have created multi billions of dollars of wealth, could do it only because they could see the future, which others couldn’t. 


Mapping social media connections:


People love to stay connected with people. That is the reason for the growth of social media sites. It is high time map customer engagement cycle with connection, interaction, satisfaction, retention, loyalty, advocacy, as stages. Unfortunately this mapping could not be made visible currently with any of the social media networks.


Phygital model platform for online shopping:


Phygicart.com works as a backbone with a customer friendly frontend ecom with a powerful back office for tracking customer journey clearly mapping the touch points. As a customer one can shop from this portal that displays products with reasonable and genuine pricing. Phygicart.com follows both an inventory model and a managed marketplace model. In the inventory model, products are sourced from brands and stored in the Phygicart warehouse. In the managed marketplace model, Phygicart provides marketing, logistics and delivery.


This platform offers referral income to all partner stores thru a customer network model. All partner stores are replicated web links ofwww.phygicart.com. We are an ecommerce model with a powerful customer mapping as backbone. Since this is a direct selling business model we follow all the guidelines recommended by the Government.


Key drivers of the global concept:



Dr Boby Chemmanur, Chairman 

Boby Chemmanur International Group


“Conquer the world with Love.”


"Generations to come, it may be", Einstein had said of Mahatma Gandhi in 1944, "will scarcely believe that such one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon earth." Now we have started hearing from prominent people the same wordings about Boby Chemmanur! He is at a time both the Chairman of a huge business conglomerate, the Chemmanur International group, and a world famous philanthropist. If we look at his versatile personality, we’ll understand that the comparison made above is apt. This is what a famous business magazine wrote about Mr. Boby recently, “When quizzed about his favourite brand, he would only smile and point to his traditional attire (adopted a decade back leaving behind his meticulous suites) - a white mundu (dhoti) and a simple short sleeved top, saying, "this is the brand I'm carrying now since the last few years." This clearly summarises his simple, but eloquent personality.

It’s his great business acumen that led Chemmanur International grow into an international jewellery chain traversing 4 continents and catering to 19 Crore people with an enviable annual turnover. His unique capabilities have won him several awards and accolades in entirely different categories such as Phd Doctorate by World Records University, Excellent Young Businessman Award, the Best Humanitarian Award, Mother Theresa Award and Vijayashree Award, to name a few.

The contribution of Boby Chemmanur to the social services sector assumes immense value in today’s not so broadminded world and his efforts are much acclaimed by international communities. Mr. Chemmanur is the founder of Life Vision Charitable Trust. The vision of this renowned Indian entrepreneur-philanthropist is idealistic to the world as he shares the profit of his trade with the poor by starting Poor Homes wherever there are outlets of Chemmanur International Jewellers. He adopts destitute people from the street and provides them with shelter, food, clothing and medicines throughout their lives.

He undertook a record breaking marathon (812 km) in April 2014 from Kasargod to Thiruvananthapuram for creating the World's largest Blood Bank, which is an active forum donating blood when required for the needy. He was decorated with prestigious awards and honours from various organisations thus setting World Records in this niche. The marathon had created a ripple of awareness across the State and the Country and an estimated 14 Lakh donated blood for the noble cause. Some of the records set by the event and the person who led it, Boby Chemmanur, are: The Kerala Book of Records; The Indian Book of Records; Asian Book of Records; and World Record Breaker (U.K.).

To conclude, we accept the fact we haven’t done full justice to the impressive and dynamic personality of Boby Chemmanur in this short profile. In fact, it’s impossible to restrict his charisma and diversified activities (a kung fu fighter, a sharp shooter, a high jumper, a former footballer, a fitness freak who runs 10 km everyday etc.) into a static profile as he creates history and makes news every other day by ‘Conquering the world with Love.’